Water Safety - NSW Government

PROJECT ROLE Social Strategy, Social Copywriter
CLIENT NSW Department of Justice

In the summer of 2017, 41 people in NSW died as a result of drowning — making it the second most-deadly summer on record in the last 10 years. For the summer of 2018, the NSW government needed a public awareness campaign to remind people just how dangerous water can be.

The campaign: Be Water Safe, Not Sorry brought greater visibility to drowning-related deaths with a haunting cross symbol, much like roadside crosses. This campaign ran across, social, digital, radio, owned channels, newspapers, PR and more. My role as social planner was to ensure the campaign resonated across Facebook and Instagram, as well as add secondary drowning-related content to continue to warn Aussies of the hidden dangers in and around our water. 


The campaign saw above-average engagement on social media. For Mums, 71% watched up to 100% of the video, and for Men, 64% watched to 100%. With the benchmark less than 20% (and for Government campaigns usually around 10%), this was a stand-out result.

Overall, the campaign not only persuaded hard-to-convince blokes as well as parents to change their behaviour and attitude towards water safety, but the summer of 2017/18 turned out to be below the 10-year average for drowning.