Uniting Support Workers CHAMPION LIVES

PROJECT ROLE Strategic Planner
CLIENT Uniting

Due to changes in government funding, Uniting needed to recruit more home and community Support Workers in the aged care sector. These people could be from either regional and metro locations, with different skilled and unskilled capabilities, and could also be culturally and linguistically diverse. This recruitment needed to be done swiftly and effectively, with stand out creative that differentiated them from other recruitment ads. 


For Uniting Support Workers, it wasn't about being the right demographic or ticking the right boxes to get the job. It was about the attitude. We needed find the right kind of carer, not people who were ‘business as usual’. People who did more than care – people who truly championed.

It’s a basic human right to live how we want. To be an individual, with individual wants, needs, and aspirations. Elderly people looking for care deserve the same. The freedom to live the life they want. 

Uniting Support Workers know that, and want to be the champion for that individual. To understand, support and encourage all their clients' idiosyncrasies and quirks. To know what their clients want in life, and to help them achieve it. 

All Support Workers care, but Uniting Support Workers do more than that – they champion lives.