Reform on Drugs - Fair Treatment Launch Event

PROJECT ROLE Creative, Copywriter
ART DIRECT Emma Frizzell
CLIENT Uniting

To launch the Fair Treatment campaign, Uniting held an event at Sydney Town Hall featuring a conversation on drug law reform between Sir Richard Branson (Commissioner of the GCDP), Dr Khalid Tinasti (Executive Secretary of the GCDP) and Dr Marianne Jauncey (Medical Director of Uniting’s MSIC). You can watch the livestream of the event on Facebook.

Event Promotion
To promote the event, we created a graphic representing the overall concept – the end of the war on drugs and a new path for drug reform. This was complimented by a deconstructed portrait of each of the speakers, their faces broken apart and put back together to represent the fractured approach to drug treatment. These featured on banners and flags throughout Town Hall during the event, posters, an attendee program and were animated for social media. We also created media-specific ads for Instagram Stories, each one featuring a clip of a speaker talking about the issue, mirroring the format of stories content.

On The Day
In order to show a different angle to the issue, we approached UK Harm Reduction Photographer Nigel Brunson to exhibit a small selection of his work in the Town Hall vestibule. Nigel’s work showcased the people behind the scenes working in treatment centres, as well as the patients themselves. To accompany the exhibition, we designed a sculpture which encouraged attendees to reflect on their own views around drug treatment. The mirrored surface invited selfies, amplifying the reach of the event across social media.