Real Insurance FOR REAL LIFE

PROJECT ROLE Strategic Planner
COPYWRITER Emma Frizzell
ART DIRECTOR Emma Frizzell
CLIENT Real Insurance

Real Insurance had always taken the same approach to online advertising as they did to TV, but found that they weren’t getting the same results. We needed to create bespoke creative for YouTube that engaged their predominantly female audience.


Women are tired of picture-perfect, staged celebrities, TV shows, media and advertising. That’s why they’re increasingly turning towards platforms such as YouTube, which is filled with real content by real people.

What Real Insurance needed was to deliver women playful content that they actually want to see, when they want to see it. Recent Australian research by Google showed there were in fact three real reasons why Millennial/Gen X women use YouTube:

  1. Nostalgia: Searching for things in their past.

  2. To learn more: Like DIYing or a new skills.

  3. To keep up to date: With current trends.

We used these insights to create three distinct media pillars for our YouTube pre-rolls, ensuring that what our audience were really looking for was matched with a real product benefit, demonstrating that Real Insurance is for real life.