National disability insurance scheme (NDIS)

PROJECT ROLE Social Strategist, Social Copywriter, Community Management, Reporting
CLIENT NSW Family and Community Services

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is one of Australia’s largest social reforms built to transform lives by giving people with disability greater choice and control over the support they receive.

We needed to highlight the emotional side of the story in order to break misinformation barriers and prompt rational action within our audience. We tapped into peoples’ emotions and showcased real stories of people who had already been positively impacted by the NDIS, encouraging others to take charge of their lives.

As part of an overarching campaign, these stories were posted to social media as videos and stills, paid to target people with disability, their families and carers. 


As an emotionally-charged and highly political issue, careful social media management of NDIS content was required. Previous experience had shown that the scheme received overwhelming amounts of negative sentiment on social media, however we needed to turn the dial.

We created a response bible to follow strict Governmental procedures, however added personalisation to ensure our tone of voice was always empathetic and human. We then monitored posts 15 minutes of every hour to make sure nobody was left waiting with a query.

Weekly reports were generated to understand top performing posts and sentiment on social media, and were used to optimise paid spend so that our audience were engaging with posts that had the most positive community chatter.

This resulted in a decrease of negative sentiment by 10% in less than a month, with the community sharing their positive stories of the NDIS for the first time. Through careful community management, commenters also began to self-regulate and stop the spread of misinformation about the scheme, while hundreds of commenters were able to make the first step into finding the support they needed.