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Make Healthy Normal - NSW Health

PROJECT ROLE Social Strategy, Social Copywriter, Content Creation
CLIENT NSW Health, Make Healthy Normal

NSW is facing a health crisis. Within a little over a decade, the rate of overweight and obese people in NSW has steadily increased from 45.9% to 52.3% of adults. It gets worse: evidence suggests that we’re passing on our bad habits to our kids. Today more than one in five children in NSW is above their healthy weight.

We were tasked with helping to change the behaviour of a diverse range of NSW audiences: culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities such as Arabic, Vietnamese and Chinese, mums with children aged 5-12, men aged 18-34, and men aged 35-54. Using an always-on paid social media strategy, we wanted to encourage them to change behaviour in a fun, light-hearted way. 


Monthly paid social content calendars each targeted different audiences with culturally and personally-relevant “everyday challenges” that prompted people to take healthier actions, such as drink more water, take the stairs instead of the escalator, and eat more fruit and veg. We also aligned to other significant events such as season changes, Chinese New Year, or Halloween.

By creating personal relevance, we were able to achieve some of the lowest Cost Per View that the campaign had ever seen, at $0.03. We also had strong Click Through Rates at 1.7%, significantly higher than the average 0.9%.

Overall, our social media strategy helped increase sign ups to the Make Healthy Normal program and create a happier and healthier NSW.