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Change her future

Best in show for AWARD School 2018 Gamechanger brief.

Workplace Gender Equality Agency

For the AWARD School Gamechanger brief we were asked to help put an end to the Motherhood Penalty — the 15-18% wage gap and societal stigma faced by mothers in the workplace.

Men who become the fathers of daughters are more likely to notice and do something about women’s gender and workplace inequality. To target this, we’ll create a new nappy product for baby girls that asks their fathers to do more than change her nappies, but to change her future.

When the nappy is soiled, text appears reminding dads the sh*t that their daughters will face in the future. Different facts will appear on different nappies, and the product will be given to new dads in the hospital as part of their government-issued Parent Pack, along with a pamphlet showing what they can do now to help.

The nappies will be sent to CEOs and politicians who are dads, urging them to take action. Additionally, the public will be able to support the cause and buy the nappies, with 18% going to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency to make sure all girls have a better future in the workplace.

Brilliant. Some of the most ardent feminists are new fathers of daughters and taking advantage of this personal relevance to deliver the shitty truth is smart. The tone is frank but humorous, the medium inventive, and the PR around this would amplify the message far beyond the changing table. Bravo.
— Barbara Humphries, Creative Director, The Monkeys Sydney.